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TK TrichoKare? Heard of it before?

Yes, it is my first time going to the hair treatment at TK TrichoKare. I am very excited for it and thanks for the invite!! I am so nervous that I do not know what to expect from the treatment. Nevertheless, it was a memorable experience for me and hope to go again if there is a need to.

TK TrichoKare is the first ISO 9001 certified Trichological Center that provides customized Europen Herbal Hair Remedies by the certified Trichologists with products formulated by a professional herbalist. The products that they used are blended with premium European herbs that helps to repair damaged hair follicles and scalp. Customized herbs that are used may vary to the customers who have different hair problems.

I was ushered to a room in which the hair specialist/trichologist will give their introduction to what TK TrichoKare have to offer to the worrying customers. A small introduction on how they made the herbs and how it will help to treat various hair symptoms faced by the customers. After that, Jane Ang, a Trichologist explained about the science behind Hair Regrowth in which the treatment they covers all hair and scalp problems including Androgenetic Alopeia (AGA), a male hair pattern loss.

                                                        Credits: TK TrichoKare

What makes Men have this AGA? It is all because of these factors that contributed to it due to stress, unhealthy lifestyle, overuse of styling products and many more. Confidence level in men will make them lose confidence to look good!  So it is very very important to make sure that you need to shampoo your hair everyday because living in a humid country made us to perspire a lot and therefore, hygiene is important to take care of!

                                                              Credits: TK TrichoKare

                                                           Credits: TK TrichoKare

The above 2nd and 3rd pictures shows that I was busy taking sample of the different scent so I can be soaked myself  in my bathtub. After trying out the lavender and chamomile, I felt so refreshed! Love it and I will used it again for the second time.

Apart from that, let me share types of hairstyles suitable for different face shapes.

Square Face:
(Square Proportions with straight sides and wide jaw)- Undercut and Slicked Back Side Part

Oval Face:
(Broad forehead/Rounded Jaw and Chin) - Undercut and Fringe aka Bangs)

Round Face:
(Rounder Proportions with face almost as wide as tall)- Undercut and Fringe Up

Diamond Face:
(Narrow Chin/Forehead with prominent cheekbones)- Longer hair and Side Fringe

For the treatment that you will receive will be broken into 3 stages:
Regulate Scalp
Strengthen Hair
Density of Hair

After hearing the short yet detailed presentaton by Jane Ang. It was time to reveal what hair problems that I faced and I am feeling anxious of the outcome. I was attended by Christabelle Chong, the senior trichologist who used the Tricho Scan which can magnify 200 times to check my hair and scalp. So it will obtain the results from the computer screen and see which customized treatment is fit to my hair condition.

For the above pics, it is the before scan images of my hair- I am very shocked that I got an oily scalp plus dandruff on my head. But the overall, Christabelle Chong (the trichologist) told me that my hair needs to maintain well and pardon me, I didn't take my after scan images but the result was amazing that I could see the reduction of dandruff! Well, should give a try and the results are overwhelming!

Proceed to do the hair mask which have variety of smell. For myself, one of the male therapist used lavender (anti-septic,anti-bacterial) to help preventing hair loss and inflammatory scalp. It was soothing and cool. Waited for about 10 mins to make sure the hair mask absorb on my hair follicles before washing it.

I was attended by Liu En En, the therapist. She will take over from the male therapist to do the washing, applying follicle enforcer. I felt so relaxed when she washed my hair as she used her fingers, not her nails to wash my hair. Do take note that washing and scrubbing your hair with your nails will make your scalp to develop various kinds of hair symptoms. So it took about 10 mins to wash before proceeding to put on the hair serum.

The follicle enforcer that to make my hair to encourage cell growth on the scalp and strengthen the hair follicles.Not only that, she put a warm shoulder pad while massaging my neck and shoulders. It was refreshing yet I felt very sleepy as it took almost 15 minutes for her to make sure my hair serum is evenly spread and all the massaging process involved.

After all that, using the Infra-red lights will help the hair to make sure it will be absorb in better. With that, it was done and felt that my hair is fully recovered! Went back to check my hair and could see a slight different. I am feeling relieved and amused with the end results.

My final thoughts on the service given by TK TrichoKare:

The hospitality given by the trichologist and therapist was very customer orientated and given that fact that the staff working there are well trained and experienced. I will mind coming back again and to be sure that my hair will be on an excellent condition.

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A huge thanks to omy and Orchard Gateway TK TrichoKare for having us. Till then, see you on my next post. XOXO!

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