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Sunday. I have no ideas what to blog to today but as I have promised myself that I will write something twice a month about what's going on in my life right now. As what you guys know, I am still studying my bachelor and having so little time to enjoy is really killing me at some point in time. Yeah, it might be a torture but I chose this path before getting a job in the future. Before I lament more about myself, I will like to share a bit about a movie that I watched with my bff, Nadirah J.

I will like to thank TNP for the opportunity to catch 'Get Hard'. The movie was hilarious and it shows how the life will be like if someone betray you after numerous success that you do for yourself and your company. This shows that everyone are eyeing for the opportunity that want in life and doing something awful towards the person is pretty fun in order to gain the success on your own. I wont write much about it and hope you guys do watch it. My rating for the movie will 7/10.

As I got a lot of people asking me questions about me and Nadirah J, I would like to take this opportunity to share more about our friendship and how it began from the day I knew her up till now. The day I knew her was in April 2009. It was the time when Syakilah (my primary school friend) asked me to join her as a motivator for the National Day 2009. So I decided to take part as I really need points for my CCA, if not I cant graduate from my polytechnic. That was a day when I met Nadirah J. She was a fine lady with a bombastic and bitchy personality which reminds me of the show Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf. People who got to know her will be disgusted with her personality and will be turn off but to see the fact, I was the one who was able to talk to her and mingle with her all the time. I remember that time when we fought, we didn't talked to each other for that one period of time as we have some friend issue that  make me laugh till now that how childish we were about during the poly days.

Life changed from our Year 1 to Year 3, friend come and go but we two stick together as one even though we have different opinions about everything that happened during that day. I still remember how she got a crush on some guys that I myself could not resist it and keeps on denying the fact that this guys which you crushed on will not last long due to my gut feeling or maybe instincts. Not only that, I told Nadirah J recently that I got a crush on her during our poly life and we two kept on laughing and criticizing about each other. Well, puberty was the main issue at the point in time. We became closer when we graduated and for that time onwards, we shared our secret and glad that I shared with her about my secret which only my bff will know about it and she do share hers to me.

Time flies so fast that we are now a young adult and age is catching up on us. We are both single and we shall stayed as bff as long as possible. Fights do occur at some point in time as it is normal for us to strengthen our friendship as one. I really hope that with our future, our business and friendship will be a great success and hope that everything will be as it is. To Nadirah J, I am very fortunate to have you as my best friend and us being together is 'JIJIK' which means ewww in English as we all knew our each and own dark secrets. (:

As my post stated relationship/friendship, I am very nervous about my upcoming major exam in May and I am now studying non stop especially those subjects that killing me now which are Maths and Economics. I do hope that I can score an A for both subjects. All the best for me.

Oh! I forget to share with you something. I am now obsessed with Thai drama series called 'Hormones', which reminded me of the show 'Skins'. Not only that, I showed how life as a teenager going through puberty and all and really it reminded me about my poly life too. So much action and drama which made me feel young upon watching it. I am anticipating for the season 3 and not only that, the drama also focus on homosexuality and how sad/happy the ending will always depends on how you are able to sustain the relationship to be a good or a bad one.

Yes, I knew that I used to be obsessed with Korean drama but now I want to try to watch a lot of international drama from Korean to Thailand to Japan to UK and also US. This will make me realise the ethnics and the culture they have there as to be more aware about how life in this country.

To end this, I really hope my life will keep on improving and leading the life that I am most desired to have in the future. Do watch out my April post soon! XOXO!!


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